The health and safety of our residents, their relatives, and our staff is our priority at Templeton House Care Home and it is our goal to ensure that we all remain as safe as possible from the risks of COVID-19. We continue to follow guidance and legislation as issued by the Government and key sector bodies and we are devoted to keeping our residents, their families, and our staff well-informed.

Despite the challenges we’ve faced as a result of the pandemic, we have worked hard to implement safety policies and procedures that provide reassurance for all residents and visitors to our home.

Resident and Loved one

Our Measures Include:

At Templeton House, we continue to achieve the highest standards of cleanliness, care and support to ensure that our residents and their families are as protected against COVID-19 as possible.

Personal Protective Equipment

Keeping Up To Date With Guidance

Infection Prevention and Control Measures

Encouraging Ongoing Vaccinations

Staying Connected with Loved Ones

Accurate Record Keeping

Keeping Safe

In order to keep those who work and live at our care home safe, all staff and visitors are screened as soon as they enter our home through a visitor screening record. Within our home, we continue to utilise PPE and hand hygiene products and all of our staff follow infection prevention and control measures.

We also understand the importance of keeping up to date and complying with official advice and guidance provided by the Health and Social Care Partnerships. We continue to advise residents and team members to remain up to date with all available vaccinations and boosters for both COVID-19 and flu and where cases do occur, we have an effective system for recording cases and taking appropriate action to keep any cases under control.

washing hands
Nurse With Mask on

Staying Connected

Following on from the effects that COVID-19 has had and continues to have, we are committed to keeping residents connected with their loved ones and the local community. We allow residents to temporarily leave our care home for day trips and overnight stays and to support this, residents will be required to undertake an individual risk assessment which includes the use of respiratory screening questions upon returning to the home. It is not essential for testing and isolation for individuals who temporarily leave the home but to ensure everyone remains safe, we do encourage our residents to keep up with vaccinations.

During times when visiting may be limited, such as in an outbreak, we offer a variety of electronic devices to enable our residents to video call their friends and family, and stay connected. We understand the importance that human connection and participation in activities provide for overall well-being, which is why we go above and beyond to support residents, whether it’s continuing with their hobbies, experiencing new interests, or meeting new people.