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We believe that all residents should be able to access our facilities and activities on offer at Templeton House Care Home equally. That’s why we have all-inclusive living; it means there are no hidden extras, everything is included in our weekly costs. From a glass of wine with dinner to a beauty treatment in our salon or a shopping trip in town, it’s all covered. For many of us, good food is one of the greatest enjoyments of life, so you’ll find an enticing and varied menu on offer every day. Our onsite Chef and catering team cater for food preferences and dietary requirements and we use local suppliers wherever possible.

Food has a considerably bigger impact on our health as we become older, and we recognise that eating a decent meal has a significant effect on our overall health and well-being. Relatives and friends may rest easy knowing that residents are having a wonderful time eating delicious, healthy food in a lovely environment, thanks to the calm atmosphere provided by the spacious and tastefully appointed dining facilities.

Restaurant Quality Food

At Templeton House Care Home, we want all of our residents to enjoy the finer things in life, such as our fine dining experience. Dining with us reflects the sophistication of our residents, with delicious, fine cuisine served up by our in-house chefs every day. Our Chefs are proud to create an ever-changing menu using locally sourced fine quality products, we also want our residents to share their favourite recipes and we will enjoy creating new and exciting dishes with their input. Menus are created on a seasonal basis and tailored to our resident preferences. Family and friends are welcome to join us for means in the bistro, too. In addition, we’re also delighted to host High Tea afternoons, gastronomy food tasting sessions and social food events such as cheese and wine nights, world food days and cooking demonstrations.

Dinner Plated Up
Cheese and Wine Night at Templeton House

Dining & Dementia

We pay special attention to detail in order to provide a quiet and enjoyable eating experience for our residents with dementia, making sure there is plenty of space and minimal distractions. We are able to provide specialised tableware which benefits our dementia residents as it helps them to keep their motor skills, allowing them to eat their meals as easily and independently as possible.

Dinner Plated up
Dining Room

What You’ll Find at Templeton House

To guarantee the comfort and well-being of our residents, our care home has been purposefully built to offer a wide range of amenities and services aimed at supporting residents in leading a fulfilling life.

Celebration Room

Ever-changing Menus

Meal Support

Dining FAQs

Every day, our devoted chef and kitchen assistants strive to provide the highest quality meals possible. Our culinary team receives ongoing training in order to provide nutritious and tasty meals to our residents. Our Chefs are proud to create an ever-changing menu using locally sourced fine-quality products, we also encourage our residents to share their favourite recipes, and we will enjoy creating new and exciting dishes with their input.

Yes. All residents have the choice of eating their meals wherever they like. With Dining areas situated on every floor, residents have plenty of options. Residents can choose to dine in our celebration room or in their own rooms. During warmer seasons, our residents can choose to dine alfresco on the balconies or one of our many outside areas.

Yes, you will have complete control over what you eat at each meal. Personal choice and preference is so important and our team values and understands this. Our chef and his staff are always happy to accommodate any special dietary requirements or menu changes you may have.

High Standards of Comprehensive Care

At our care home in Ayr, we take great pride in providing a wide variety of care services catered to different health needs. We firmly believe that every resident should have access to outstanding care, along with the opportunity to pursue their interests, hobbies, and the chance to form new friendships.

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