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Arts & Crafts

We highly encourage all of our residents here at Templeton House Care Home to engage and actively participate in as many Arts & Crafts sessions as possible, regardless of what the session entails. It’s always great to learn a new skill, or even potentially work on an old one, and there’s no better time to start than right now. 

At Templeton House Care Home, we are so very dedicated to helping our residents live fulfilled lives, and ones that are filled with joy and cheer. Our amazing and engaging Arts & Crafts workshops are only one of the many activities and entertainment options available to our residents.

Create Your Very Own Masterpiece 

We know, through years and years of experience, that individuals who participate in regular Arts & Crafts activities here at Templeton House Care Home are usually a whole lot happier and more connected to one another, making for memories that last a lifetime. Residents can also improve their hand-eye coordination, cognitive skills, and motor abilities over time, so the more time they spend doing Arts & Craft activities the better! 

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Facilities for Everyone

Residents will almost definitely delight in making whatever their heart’s desire at Templeton House Care Home. Being creative together as a Templeton Family sure comes with a wealth of emotional and physical wellbeing benefits for our residents and their loved ones. Our Activities Coordinator ensures that our residents are continually involved in something fun, no matter what or when. 

We are more than happy to offer our excellent facilities at Templeton House Care Home to meet the diverse needs of our residents. Residents can do practically everything they used to do before joining us here at Templeton House Care Home, with the exception that everything they need will be right outside their door and incredibly accessible. Residents can spend as much or as little time as they choose in the company of like-minded others.

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Embrace The World Around You & Get Inspired

All of the courses we provide here at Templeton House Care Home are tailored to our wonderful residents, especially when it comes to creating something special during our Arts & Crafts classes. All of our courses have been built with the purpose of motivating and inspiring everyone who participates in them, whether that’s just our residents, or their family and friends too. When it comes to putting together our Arts & Crafts programmes, we’ve always drawn inspiration from our residents and the beautiful surroundings that we’re lucky enough to have on our very own front door step.


Arts & Crafts FAQs 

We understand that before opting to live with us, our residents and their families are going to want to learn everything they can about life at Templeton House Care Home, and exactly what kind of activities they can be expected to take part in. The following are some of the most frequently asked Arts & Crafts questions, and we hope you find some of the solutions you’re searching for:

From Halloween to Christmas, Easter to Remembrance Sunday, we always strive to create interesting and engaging activities to keep our residents busy and happy. Whether it’s to celebrate the time of year, or to commemorate an event in history, here at Templeton House Care Home, we want to make sure that our residents and their loved ones are ready to ring in the season with some exciting crafting activities.

In previous months, our residents have really enjoyed creating their very own DIY bird feeders as the Spring and Summer months have begun to arrive. A lot of our residents really enjoy our colouring activities too, as they serve as fun and relaxing projects to take part in as a team, or solo if they do so wish.

These activities happen all year round, and are often tailored to suit the season! From festive wreath making at Christmas time, to baking Dracula-Denture themed biscuits at Halloween, our Arts & Crafts sessions take place often and are welcome to all ages and abilities.

High Standards of Comprehensive Care

Our amazing team at Templeton House Care Home works directly with each of our residents and their friends and family members, which is a huge part of what makes our care so distinctive and unique to every single person who chooses to stay with us here at Templeton House Care Home; it allows us the opportunity  to deliver the best individualised care possible to all of our residents at all times. We seek to provide a welcoming atmosphere in which residents feel loved, cared for, and motivated to make it through each day with a smile on their face, no matter what.

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Contact the Team at Templeton House

We really do encourage you to contact us directly if you have any questions about our Arts & Craft activities at Templeton House Care Home. You can reach us by phoning 01292 291 232 or sending an email to Alternatively, you’re more than welcome to fill out our online Enquiry Form, which will put you in contact with one of our helpful staff members. We can’t wait to help.

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