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We highly encourage all of our residents here at Templeton House Care Home to engage and actively participate in as many Arts & Crafts sessions as possible, regardless of what the session entails. It’s always great to learn a new skill, or even potentially work on an old one, and there’s no better time to start than right now. 

At Templeton House Care Home, we are so very dedicated to helping our residents live fulfilled lives, and ones that are filled with joy and cheer. Our amazing and engaging Arts & Crafts workshops are only one of the many activities and entertainment options available to our residents.

Create Your Very Own Masterpiece 

We know, through years and years of experience, that individuals who participate in regular Arts & Crafts activities here at Templeton House Care Home are usually a whole lot happier and more connected to one another, making for memories that last a lifetime. Residents can also improve their hand-eye coordination, cognitive skills, and motor abilities over time, so the more time they spend doing Arts & Craft activities the better! 

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Embrace The World Around You & Get Inspired

All of the courses we provide here at Templeton House Care Home are tailored to our wonderful residents, especially when it comes to creating something special during our Arts & Crafts classes. All of our courses have been built with the purpose of motivating and inspiring everyone who participates in them, whether that’s just our residents, or their family and friends too. When it comes to putting together our Arts & Crafts programmes, we’ve always drawn inspiration from our residents and the beautiful surroundings that we’re lucky enough to have on our very own front door step.


What You’ll Find at Templeton House

To guarantee the comfort and well-being of our residents, our care home has been purposefully built to offer a wide range of amenities and services aimed at supporting residents in leading a fulfilling life.

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Arts & Crafts FAQs 

Yes, any materials or tools you may need for your arts and crafts sessions will be covered by the weekly fee.

You are free to get creative in any way you’d like, but previously held arts & crafts sessions include clay making, scrapbooking, knitting and painting.

Residents can keep any of the arts or crafts that they make. The activities team may ask residents if they are happy for us to display their work around the home.

High Standards of Comprehensive Care

At our care home in Ayr, we take great pride in providing a wide variety of care services catered to different health needs. We firmly believe that every resident should have access to outstanding care, along with the opportunity to pursue their interests, hobbies, and the chance to form new friendships.

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