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Residential Care

We are happy to provide residential care to people who are finding it increasingly difficult to care for themselves at home. Our staff has established a warm and friendly environment in which residents can take advantage of the social elements of group living while receiving exceptional medical and personal care.

Our individualised care plans are designed to match each resident’s unique needs, and we strive to provide not only around-the-clock medical care but also well-being support, allowing residents to live a full and happy life every day. At Templeton House Care Home, our residents’ health and happiness are and always will be our top priority.

Our Approach to Residential Care

Our care and support plans are reviewed every six weeks at a meeting attended by residents and/or a representative to discuss current care requirements and next steps. This is for the benefit of all residents so that we can continue to provide the best care possible. Templeton House allows residents’ friends and family to visit at any time so that they can continue to make memories with their loved ones. By providing excellent care services and facilities, residents can make the most of every day.

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Residential Care at Templeton House Care Home

From the moment you step inside Templeton House Care Home, our staff will go out of their way to make your stay at Templeton House Care Home as pleasant as possible. Before your admission, our Home Manager would be happy to meet with you to discuss your requirements and preferences, as well as to enlighten you about the numerous amenities we have available. Our Chef will also greet you and ask you about your culinary preferences. A tour of your new home will be arranged, and you will have the opportunity to meet your allocated nurse or key worker in order to develop a personalised care plan.

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High Standards of Comprehensive Care

The staff at Templeton House Care Home is dedicated to providing the finest possible care, support, and services to all of our residents. It’s a genuine pleasure for us to supply our residents with such a warm and secure environment. Our staff works closely with residents and their families from the start to ensure that all of their requirements are met and that they are completely satisfied. We can meet both health and well-being demands through forming profound and long-term connections and caring for the individual as a whole.

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