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Nursing Care

Nursing care is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to all of our residents with a physical disability, as well as those who may have higher dependency needs than others. Residents who have recently become critically ill or who may require end-of-life care are also given nurse care.

Our nurses are experts at recognising when nursing care is the best option for our residents, and they consistently go above and beyond their obligations to ensure that everyone gets the finest care possible. They have the knowledge and experience to spot any changes in our residents’ health and recognise when it’s time to be assessed by a doctor.

What is Nursing Care?

Templeton House Care Home is open to anyone who requires nursing care. Our fantastic staff is made up of qualified nurses and care assistants, each of whom will be allocated to a resident so that they can tend to the same person every day and get a true understanding of their needs. Our medical experts will gladly answer any questions or concerns you or your family members may have. If a nurse is unavailable for a brief while, a key worker will happily accommodate your needs, ensuring that you are always looked after by a qualified professional.

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Our Approach to Nursing Care

At Templeton House, we work around-the-clock to make residents feel at ease and to ensure that they get the most out of their stay, whether it is temporary or permanent. Our team is committed to providing people with the attention and support they need to restore their sense of self and continue doing the activities they love. Because of our excellent key nursing system, in which each resident is allocated a nurse, our staff gets to know each individual as well as their family on a personal level which in turn increases quality of care.

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Nursing Care at Templeton House Care Home

You can feel confident that every individual’s requirements and well-being are met since we use a person-centered approach to nursing care. For those with physical and mental illnesses, nursing care is the most effective solution. At Templeton House Care Home, our team is dedicated to delivering the finest possible care to all of our residents at all times. We can aid with all parts of everyday life, including morning and nighttime routines, as well as mealtime assistance. We look after every part of a person so they can continue to live life the way it should be lived.

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Is Nursing Care Suitable For Your Needs?

When considering a transfer into a care home for yourself, a friend, or a family member, we realise how difficult it can be to know where to turn for advice. Templeton House Care Home may assist and advise current and prospective residents, as well as their family members, in deciding the best course of action for an individual’s circumstances to decide whether nursing care is the most appropriate care method.

High Standards of Comprehensive Care

Our team is highly experienced and well-trained in their respective departments. We tailor our care plans for each resident, working closely with them and their families to ensure that everyone receives the best possible care for their specific requirements, making sure every party is content in the process. Not only do we seek to provide great medical and personal care, but we also endeavour to provide all residents with the opportunity to pursue their interests as well as try something new so that they can get the most out of their stay.

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What Our Respite Care Package Includes

Residents, regardless of their length of stay, are eligible to a variety of activities and services, including those listed below:

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GP Visits

Residents can arrange to see their GP and choose to go alone or accompanied. We can provide a chauffeur-driven car to residents so they can get to their appointment and back with ease.

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Opticians Appointments

If a resident requires an eye examination, we can arrange for an appointment with an optician. We’ve partnered with Visioncall to offer free eye exams.

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Dentist Trips

All residents are entitled to dental examinations. Our weekly charge will cover the cost of any necessary dental care.

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Physiotherapy Sessions

A Physiotherapist comes to our home every few weeks to see residents who need help with their bodily movement and function.

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Access to a Chiropodist

Templeton House Care Home can arrange for a Chiropodist to assess and treat residents with any foot related issues.

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Residents who require Speech and Language Therapy to aid with speaking, eating, drinking, or swallowing can be seen by a specialist.

All-Inclusive, Luxury Living

We’ve always placed an importance on building strong bonds with our residents and those who are close to them. We are able to provide our residents with a home where they are entirely satisfied and ready to face the day ahead thanks to our impressive array of amenities and weekly activities programme. At Templeton House Care Home, there’s something for everyone, from watching your favourite movie in our cinema room, to visiting a nearby attraction or playing on our putting green with a loved one. 

Contact the Team at Templeton House

Our team will be delighted to help answer any questions or concerns you might have regarding our nursing care or other services. Please contact us by calling 01292 291 232 or emailing info@templetoncare.com. If you’d prefer you can fill out an online Enquiry Form and a member of our team will be in touch. We look forward to speaking with you.