Hair Salon & Revive Spa

Templeton House offers superb care services and a range of top-rated amenities, including our excellent Hair Salon & Revive Spa. Residents are encouraged to visit our salon on a frequent basis in order to feel their best selves. It has been beautifully decorated to provide a pleasant setting in which residents can relax while getting pampered by our amazing team.

The fantastic hair and beauty staff at Templeton House Care Home is made up of enthusiastic, qualified experts that go above and beyond to ensure that all residents have a pleasant time while in their experienced hands.

The Epitome of Luxury

To feel and look their best at all times, all of our residents are encouraged to visit Templeton House Care Home’s amazing team of trained specialists. We recognise how vital it is for our residents to be happy, and we believe that providing a health and beauty service can assist them in achieving that goal. Our residents can unwind and enjoy some well-deserved alone time in our salon & spa, or have a natter with one of the staff members; whatever our residents desire, our team goes above and beyond to make it happen.

Facilities for Everyone

Our residents’ health, happiness, and comfort are our top priorities here at Templeton House Care Home. Our purpose-built residence was created to allow residents to partake in a variety of activities and spend their days in the company of others who have similar interests. Templeton House Care Home is pleased to provide a wide range of impressive amenities and services to suit every personality. Trinity House Care Home has something for everyone, from our splendid cinema room, to rooftop gardens and arts and crafts sessions.

Feel a Brand New You 

At Templeton House Care Home, we value our residents’ health and wellbeing, and want to ensure that they receive the medical and health care they require to look and feel their best every day. Our Hair Salon & Revive Spa is the ideal location for residents to be looked after while undergoing a makeover in the privacy of their own home and when they’re finished, feel like a brand new person.

Our Salon Features

You can trust our amazing team at Templeton House Care Home to look after our residents, especially in our luxury Hair Salon & Revive Spa.

Frequent Appointments

Templeton House Care Home prides itself on providing a warm atmosphere for residents, and the salon delivers life’s little indulgences like routine hair washing, haircuts, nail and foot treatments so that residents may maintain their best appearance on a regular basis.

A Heightened Confidence

Our talented hair stylists and beauticians are delighted to provide our residents with the greatest quality hair and nail care as the ultimate indulging experience, so that they always look and feel their best. Our salon team is available to provide services to residents four days out of the week.

The Finest Service

Whether it’s our medical professionals, catering team, or salon specialists, every member of our staff at Templeton House Care Home is highly experienced in their field and equipped to provide high-quality services to our residents.

All-Inclusive, Luxury Living

Our home was designed with each resident’s needs and desires in mind, as well as the freedom to make their own choices and live their lives the way they choose to. Our team continues to form great relationships with our residents and their families, which reflects our compassionate approach. Our luxury facilities throughout the home allows residents to live an active and content life just as they always have done. Every day, residents can spend their time doing the things they enjoy most.

High Standards of Comprehensive Care

Our primary goal is to always ensure our residents live in a safe and comfortable environment whilst providing every one of our residents with exceptional care. Only by understanding our resident’s needs will we be able to achieve this to a high degree, with the help of comprehensive care plans to provide everyone with a magnificent lifestyle and the highest quality of life. Our staff is committed to providing the greatest person-centered care possible, to guarantee that each resident is left satisfied by every aspect of our home.     

Contact the Team at Templeton House

The helpful staff at Templeton House Care Home is here to answer any questions you may have about our Hair Salon & Revive Spa or any of our other services. Our phone number is 01292 291 232, and our email address is You may also use our online Enquiry Form to contact a member of our team who will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.