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Dementia Care

We are proud to offer Dementia Care at Templeton House Care Home, which is customised to each individual. Our Dementia Care team has undergone extensive professional and specialised training in dealing with all elements and stages of dementia. We are committed to giving our staff every chance to continue their education and develop their knowledge in this field, so that we can provide the finest dementia care and attention to each and every one of our residents living with dementia.

Our teams go above and beyond in all they do, working with our residents who live with dementia and their families to discover activities and therapies that are suited for their unique requirements. Templeton House Care Home also has an open-door policy and welcomes visitors at any hour of the day or night.

What is Dementia Care?

Our goal is to help residents maintain their independence and sense of self for as long as feasible. At Templeton House Care Home, we recognise that no two persons with dementia are alike, and that although some may only require modest assistance in managing their everyday lives, others may require significantly more. Residents of all walks of life are cordially welcomed into our home, where they will be treated with compassion and correctly cared for. Our staff takes the time to get to know our residents and their families in order to develop an appropriate care plan that will allow them to feel content, comfortable, and well-adjusted.

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Our Approach to Dementia Care

Our approach to care is unique to each resident. Our primary goal is to ensure each person feels at ease and secure in their new home, as well as provide them with everything they require. Our professional staff is dedicated to delivering the best person-centred care possible, and we work hard to help residents retain a level of independence. Because of our extensive dementia care knowledge and experience working with those who have suffered or currently suffering memory loss, our wonderful staff provides unsurpassed care in a warm and safe environment to all residents. Supporting those with dementia is not a one-size-fits-all approach; daily care is tailored to the specific needs of each resident.

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Dementia Care at Templeton House Care Home

Our primary goal is to give all residents at Templeton House Care Home the best possible quality of life. Our residents benefit from the advantages of living in a home with like-minded people and without having to worry about running a household. Residents have shown enhanced self-confidence and independence, as well as improved health and a vibrant social life. A broad activities and entertainment programme, as well as regular outings and events ensures that every day is enjoyed to the fullest. We have a dedicated Well-being Team whose role is to look after residents as a whole, to provide support whenever they should need it, be a friendly face to talk to as well as provide assistance when activities take place.

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Is Dementia Care Suitable For Your Needs?

Dementia can pose many challenges for people living with the condition, as well as their loved ones and caregivers, such as making daily chores more difficult. Our team has received extensive training in recognising the signs and symptoms of dementia, and we are happy to serve each resident with the best level of care and respect. Our staff listens to residents, with the help of family and loved ones, to create an accurate picture of their lives, ensuring that both medical and wellness needs are addressed. Social and mental stimulation are increased, and frustrations and tensions associated with dementia are decreased, thanks to a variety of dementia-friendly activities we have on offer.

High Standards of Comprehensive Care

We take a distinct strategy to care for each individual. We perform a full, confidential consultation before you or a loved one decides to make Templeton House Care Home their home, taking into account not just the person’s care needs but also their likes, dislikes, and preferences. We strive to make each person feel comfortable in their new home and to provide them with anything they may require. Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to delivering the best level of care possible, and we aim to assist our clients in achieving a level of independence.

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What Our Dementia Care Package Includes

Here at Templeton House Care Home, we provide a wide choice of facilities and activities, as well as medical services for those who should require it:

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GP Visits

Residents can make regular GP appointments and decide whether to go alone or with a team member. Our care home is conveniently located near public transportation.

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Opticians Appointments

We can make an appointment for a resident to see an optician if they need their eyes tested. We’ve teamed up with Visioncall to offer free eye exams.

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Dentist Trips

Check-ups with the dentist are available to all residents. Any necessary dental care will be included within the care home fee.

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Physiotherapy Sessions

A physiotherapist comes to our home every few weeks to help some of our residents with their body movement and function.

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Access to a Chiropodist

A Chiropodist can be arranged to come to Templeton House Care home and check and treat individuals who are experiencing foot pain.

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Residents who require Speech and Language Therapy for their communication, eating, drinking, or swallowing are eligible to be seen by a Speech and Language Therapist.

All-Inclusive, Luxury Living

Templeton House Care Home was built, decorated, and finished meticulously, with no detail left untouched. Our fantastic onsite amenities were carefully chosen to provide residents with a wide range of variety, as well as every opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest in their own unique way. Residents can spend their days doing exactly what they want, whether it’s reading a book in our peaceful library, watching a movie on the big screen in our cinema, or engaging in our extensive activities programme, there is something for every personality type.

Contact the Team at Templeton House

Please do not hesitate to contact Templeton House Care Home if you have any questions about our dementia care. Please contact us on 01292 291 232 or at You can also fill out our Enquiry Form and a member of our staff will contact you. We look forward to hearing from you.