Christmas at Templeton

Christmas at Templeton House Care Home

The residents and staff members of Templeton House Care Home enjoyed celebrating the lead up to Christmas by hosting a wide range of festive activities for the residents and their loved ones to participate in. To name a few, Christmas themed arts and crafts, online panto, furnishing the care home with wonderful decorations, and many more. Christmas is a magical time of the year at Templeton House, which is why our dedicated staff members make sure to go the extra mile for our residents. 

Switching on the Christmas Lights

The residents and staff members of Templeton House kick-started the festivities by inviting Jim Roddy and the New Prestwick Baptist Church into the care home for the annual Christmas light turn on, followed by wonderful service and carol singing for all to enjoy. 

At any opportunity we can, we take the chance to invite new visitors into our home to communicate and socialise with our residents. We have seen the first-hand benefits that maintaining a relationship with the local community has on our residents. It is a great way for our residents to create and build new bonds with one another, and to learn more about the local community that Ayr has to offer.

Christmas Arts and Crafts

The festivities do not stop just here, our residents enjoyed participating in our exciting Christmas arts and crafts programme. This involved making Christmas table centrepieces, handcrafting Christmas cards for loved ones, creating snowflakes for the Christmas tree, word searches, and of course a little tipple from the bar and delicious mince pies.

We believe that all of our residents should achieve the most out of each and every day, whether it is participating in our activities programme or making use of the many facilities we have to offer. Whether it is our hair salon, cinema room or library, there is always something for everyone.

A Special Letter

Our residents were gifted with a special visit from Charlie. Charlie spoke with Janetta, a resident at Templeton House Care Home about his special letter to Santa, of which he wrote one from Janetta too. Charlie kindly posted his and Janetta’s letter to Santa in hope of their Christmas wishes.

We actively encourage our residents to maintain relationships with younger children as their warm and infectious energy, helps to bring so much joy to our elderly residents.

Christmas Baking 

Our wonderful, dedicated activities coordinator arranged for our residents to bake and decorate their very own Christmas biscuits to get stuck in with the festive activities. Our residents took pleasure in admiring one another’s Christmas bake, followed by the perfect brew.

We encourage our residents to continue doing what they love at Templeton House Care Home to maintain their independence to live a happy and full-filled life. Baking is the perfect opportunity for our residents to bake their favourite foods or to participate in dinner time preparations helps to stimulate their senses, bring back fond memories, and encourages socialising with other residents.

Self Made Bird Feeders

The residents at Templeton House Care Home enjoyed self-making bird feeders to hang for the birds in our wonderful gardens. The use of our landscaped and rooftop gardens offers the opportunity for our residents to be at one with nature and the outdoors.

Spending time outdoors plays a positive role in the health and wellbeing of the elderly, both physically and mentally. This is why we regularly associated our residents with the outdoors and nature by providing a tranquil setting for our residents to go to. 

A Christmas Success at Templeton House Care Home

Overall, Christmas at Templeton House Care Home was an absolute success. Thanks to our fantastic dedicated activities coordinator that arranged for our residents to be busy throughout the festive period carrying out a range of different Christmas activities for everyone to enjoy. 

If you are wanting to find out more information regarding our activities programme or the care options we have to offer at Templeton House Care Home, then please feel free to contact us and a friendly member of our team will be happy to help.

You can also keep up to date with the latest news and events on our website or on our Facebook page

Once again, from everyone at Templeton Care Home, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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