Katie celebrating her birthday

Our 100s Club!

We were delighted to see Templeton resident Katie turn 105 on 5th April 2022. Deputy lieutenant Nigel Martin visited the home to present her a special gift of a letter from the queen.

Katie with her letter from the Queen

Katie had a fabulous celebratory afternoon tea with the many generations of her family. There was plenty of cake, glasses of champagne and decorations to mark the occasion.

Katie is currently our oldest resident, however that doesn’t stop her from doing the things she enjoys such as gardening and sewing and always has a smile on her face.

Katie’s wise words of wisdom are to “take things as they come, live within your means and be kind to others.”

Daily Record, a local news outlet in Glasgow, were keen to write a piece on Katie’s birthday celebrations as well as receive a special mention on West FM.

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