Our Residents Meeting

At Templeton Care Home we are passionate about delivering our residents the highest quality of care, which is a huge privilege to our dedicated staff members. 

On the 1st of September, we were delighted to host a Residents Meeting in our very own Templeton Bar. This is an opportunity for our residents to express any concerns they may have, and a chance for our residents and families to be involved within the running of our care home.

We actively encourage our residents and their loved ones to have a say in how our care home is run, which is why we regularly host a residents meeting. This is an event enjoyed by all of the residents at Templeton Care Home, appreciated by a brew and a slice of homemade cake. 

The residents and their loved ones use these meetings as an opportunity to provide us with any feedback they may have on life at Templeton House. This is also a chance to discuss our activities programme for the upcoming months, the menus our dedicated in house chefs provide, and what food items they would like to have over the coming weeks as well as an update on our staff members.

Our resident’s meeting is a resounding success and is the perfect excuse for our residents to have a natter over a cup of tea which is welcomed by all. 

Our staff at Templeton House Care Home go above and beyond to make sure that our residents stay is as pleasant and comfortable as possible. There is no shortage of things to do or places to see at our care home in Ayr, which allows our residents to choose how they wish to spend their days. 

We provide our residents with all they need to live exciting and motivating life every day, thanks to our activities programme we can be sure that no two days are the same. We offer our residents many different activities such as inviting entertainment into our care home, seasonal arts & crafts, and regular group outings. 

If you are looking to accommodate yourself or your loved one in residential care and would like to find out more about the care options we provide, or the wide range of facilities we have to offer our residents here at Templeton House Care Home, then please feel free to contact a friendly member of our team and we will be happy to help. 

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