Residents Enjoy a Spot of Gardening

Thanks to the recent bout of beautiful warm weather, we were able to get a head start on our gardening this year. By potting and planting vegetables and herbs now, our chef can use our produce and create delicious meals come the summer months. It was a fantastic opportunity for all of our residents and team members to get out and about in the sunshine, and more importantly, lend a hand and watch the garden really come together. The garden is already a resident favourite for socialising or finding peace and tranquillity alone, and with these improvements, the garden will continue to be enjoyed. 

Being outdoors comes with a host of benefits. Soaking up the sunshine really helps for getting some much-needed vitamin D, for example. Breathing in the fresh air, and participating in some gentle exercise can really do wonders and so we highly encourage residents to get outside and enjoy the sunshine whenever they can (even if it’s only for a few minutes!). 

Spending time out in the sunshine is also proven to help with sleep and eyesight! Apparently, increasing the amount of time one spends outside helps regulate your sleep cycle, as well as reducing the risk of myopia (otherwise known as ‘near-sightedness’). According to Trip Outside, the benefits and rewards of being outside are mostly reaped by those over the age of 65, which is why we always want our residents to take advantage of the warm weather and adventure outside. 

The benefits aren’t just physical, however; there are plenty of mental health benefits that residents are also set to gain from spending time outside. We want our residents to feel safe and taken care of at all times. Therefore, we make sure our residents get the care they deserve to always feel their best. 

We look forward to using our homegrown vegetables and herbs when they’re ready to be picked – watch this space!

If you have any queries concerning Templeton House Care Home’s gardening activities, as well as any of our other facilities, we encourage you to contact our helpful team today. Call 01292 291 232 or email to get in touch with us.

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